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Research on innovative measurement techniques


The LIFE VAQUUMS project aims to find out what quality levels the current innovative measuring techniques for particulates, ozone and nitrogen dioxide are achieving. In a first step, an inventory of all available techniques will be made, after which the most promising ones will be subjected to extensive laboratory and field tests. These tests will provide more insight into the reliability of the various measurement techniques and will lead to the development of a manual for the correct use of these techniques.

Furthermore, the project will enter into dialogue with all stakeholders (local authorities, citizens, scientists, industry) to determine the quality requirements, practical limitations, etc. for the various possible applications of sensors. Because the measuring techniques used typically generate a lot of data, we also pay attention to a user-friendly, online offering of tools for analysis and visualisation of that data.

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The VAQUUMS project is part of the European Commission's LIFE programme and is supported by project partners from the Netherlands and Belgium: de Vlaamse milieumaatschappij (vmm), IRCEL-CELINE, het energieonderzoek centrum Nederland and het rijkinstituut voor volksgezondheid en milieu .

Project type: LIFE programme | Duration: 05/2017 – 04/2020 | Budget: € 854.210 of which € 488.526 EU funding