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High resolution maps particulate matter (PM2.5)

The map below was made using the RIO-IFDM model. The calculated concentrations are representative for an area of a few dozen square meter. Locally, the concentrations may be higher or lower. Furthermore, the incertainty of the modeled concentration should be taken into account.
For more information about the RIO-IFDM model, including the restrictions, click here

Warning: the source data (i.a. emissions) and the model itself are adapted and improved every year. Only maps made with the same versions can be compared.
The following versions of the model are used:
- for the period 2009-2016: RIO-IFDM v5.1.0
- for the year 2017: RIO-IFDM v5.6.4.
The infrastructure and computer services used for the calculation of the model was made available by the VSC (Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum) funded by the FWO and the Flemish Government - EWI Department.