Forecast of the daily average particulate matter concentrations (PM10, µg/m)
with the CHIMERE model

Europe   Belgium
Forecast day0 Europe PM10 Forecast day0 Belgium
Forecast day1 Europe PM10 Forecast day1 Belgium
Forecast day2 Europe PM10 Forecast day2 Belgium

These forecasts are produced by the CHIMERE model developped at the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (IPSL-Paris).
The model was adapated by IRCEL-CELINE for use in Belgium and uses meteo forecasts from the RMI
The use or publication of the data is allowed only when the source ( is acknowledged.


Air quality forecast available on this website are indicative. IRCEL-CELINE is not responsible of consequences resulting from inappropriate use and / or incorrect interpretation of these forecasts. Only IRCEL-CELINE is able to give an adequate interpretation.