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Exposition gegen PM10 Tagesmittel

Exposition gegen PM10 Jahresmittel | Exposition gegen PM10 Tagesmittel |Exposition gegen PM2.5 Jahresmittel

The year 2016 was one of the better ones since the start of the measurements, in terms of air quality. Consequentially, no one in Belgium was exposed to more than 35 exceedance days. 81% of the population was exposed to less than 7 exceedance days, while 19% had to deal with 7 to 21 exceedance days. In spite of this, 39% of the population still was exposed to over 3 exceedance days, which is the WHO guideline value.


Evolution of the population exposure to days with a daily mean concentration of PM10 above 50µg/m³. All data were calculated based on the RIO interpolation technique.