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Air quality and BelATMO index in Belgium

Observation Forecast
Yesterday Today Tomorrow
Flanders fairly good index 4 good index 3 good index 3
Brussels good index 3 good index 3 good index 3
Wallonia good index 3 good index 3 good index 3

New on the IRCEL-CELINE website :

22/12/2005  Report CELINE-IRCEL "Air Pollution by Ozone during Summer 2005 in Belgium" (in Dutch) :  ozone_bel_2005.pdf whatnew.gif (929 bytes)

05/04/2005: Exceedances of the Ozone target value (EC guideline 2002/3/EC) : here

01/04/2005: Daily highest Ozone concentrations last 15 days: : here

25/02/2005: Exceedances of the PM10 (fijn stof) daily mean limit value (EC guideline 1999/30/EC) : klik hier

01/02/2005: Daily average PM10 concentrations last 15 days: here

03/12/2004: Consultation of the European Commission  : "Air Pollution - What Do You Think?" :  here

06/09/2004  Report CELINE-IRCEL Airpollution by ozone during summer 2004 in Belgium (in Dutch) :   ozone_bel_2004.pdf

15/12/2003  Report CELINE-IRCEL Airpollution by ozone during summer 2003 in Belgium (in Dutch) :   ozone_bel_2003.pdf

20/05/2003: Benzene measurements online (follow measurements - actual)

19/03/2002 : Download the new EU Directive relating to Ozone in ambient air : o3_en.pdf

04/12/2001 : DEMO workshop Environmental communication

01/11/2001 : Download the report "Ozone in Europe in summer 2001" : o3s01_draft.pdf

05/10/2000 : Evolution of 1/2 hourly concentrations  (O3, NO2, CO, SO2 and PM10)

14/09/2000 : Effect of the truck blockades on the air quality in Brussels

15/08/2000 : National, European and international air quality guidelines

01/06/2000 : Animated gif showing the evolution of the hourly measured ozone values

01/05/2000 : Maps with the highest measured hourly ozone concentrations in Belgium

01/04/2000 : Historic airquality data this year

26/01/2000 : First PM2.5 measurements in Belgium (Brussels) !!

16/12/1999: Maps with actual air quality data (O3, NO2, SO2 en PM10)

10/12/1999: Table with actual air quality data (O3, NO2, SO2 en PM10)

08/10/1999 : Meteo (Temperature, Windspeed and Winddirection) measured in the telemetric stations of Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia