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Exposure to NO2 annual mean

Since 2003 more and more people are being exposed to lower annual mean NO2 concentrations. From 1998 onwards, the percentage of the Belgian population potentially being exposed to annual mean concentrations above the EU-treshold, has been slowly declining from around 10% to 3% in 2013. In 2014 and 2015 the EU treshold of 40 µg/m³ was surpassed nowhere in Belgium anymore according to the calculations. These values however need to be interpreted with some caution, as the population exposure is estimated based on a spatial interpolation of measurements and population numbers per 4 km by 4 km grid cells. The relative low spatial resolution of RIO-corine, paired with the incertainty explains why the calculations do not show exceedances of the exposure limit, while in 2014 in some stations exceedances were measured.


Percentage of the Belgian population exposed to annual mean NO2 concentrations. All data were calculated based on the RIO interpolation technique.